KLIKKER for FaceBook FarmTown, FarmVille, other games!

We are offering a software program that makes some of the tedious work in playing online games requiring countless left-clicks on your mouse a genuine pleasure! KLIKKER does a simple task: it clicks the left mouse button internally, at considerably greater speed than a human finger can, and allows you to just move the mouse across the click targets.

For instance, if you're a FarmTown farmer on FaceBook, you know you need to click on each plot of a large farm to pick the crop, to plow the crop, and to plant the crop. These grids can be up to 33x33 plots, or 1089 plots, and for a full farming cycle of pick, plow, and plant, that's 3267 clicks on your mouse! And that's only if you are perfect with your mouse positioning, not wasting a click. Without help, that could take you 20, 30, even 40 minutes to complete. With KLIKKER, you can finish the same tasks in less than ten minutes. We've seen some folks do it in even faster time! And when you're hiring yourself out to other farmers, you will blow them away with your speed and thoroughness! They'll keep you on their Buddy lists, and probably ask you to be their Neighbor!

KLIKKER is not specific for FarmTown, either! We've tested it on FaceBook's FarmVille, too. There's no reason you could not use it for any applications requiring a long string of repetitive clicks. KLIKKER can repeat clicks to a specified rate, up to 30 clicks per second, and as low as a click every two seconds. You set the rate that works best for your application.

CHECK DOCUMENTATION for special note on new (Oct 2010) Farm Town clicking "Speed Limit"!

NOTE: KLIKKER is for use with a MOUSE or a Trackball. It may not work well with a touchpad or a mouse-stick!

KLIKKER took two engineers eight weeks to develop, but KLIKKER's a pretty simple program, and the charge for it is a reasonable $14.00, for a non-expiring license limited to a single computer system. If you farm on two different physical computers, you will need to buy two copies if you want KLIKKER on both, no exceptions, no discounts. You can pay for it easily via PayPal below.

KLIKKER is designed for Intel-compatible PC systems, Windows operating systems. KLIKKER will not work on an apple computer on the Apple operating system, and has not been tested in PC compatibility mode. We have tested KLIKKER using IE8, Firefox, and Chrome. Be aware that KLIKKER uses the Internet to get authorized each time you run it. We do this to eliminate the need for you, the user, to "login" with a pesky UserID and password each time you use KLIKKER. Login and authorization are automatic. If you have a proxy server for internet access, KLIKKER may not be able to register itself, or authorize you. You will not be able to take advantage of KLIKKER's lightning speed without this authorization. We collect information about the computer hardware on which KLIKKER is installed, along with non-personal statistics about KLIKKER performance that will help us in improving the software. We do not collect information about your software, files from your system (or data from them), or set cookies, at all! We use this method to prevent others from copying, and possibly maliciously modifying, the software illegally. If the use of the Internet for secure authorization troubles you, do not order this software. We are a recognized vendor with a good reputation, and we do not sell or otherwise distribute information to other parties. The information is for our own use in software maintenance only.

You can review KLIKKER's Documentation HERE. You can review KLIKKER's License Agreement HERE.

NOTE: KLIKKER is designed only for Microsoft Windows(tm) operating systems. It will not work on Apple or Unix or Linux or other operating systems.

A word about safety! KLIKKER is offered by us, RKP Enterprises, the authors of the program. We certify that the program and all supporting files, as distributed by us, is secure, virus- and spam-free. We cannot vouch for copies received from sources not named RIGHT HERE (none right now!) Know your source. You can trust RKP Enterprises!


We guarantee that you will be able to install this software on your computer, and it will operate as advertised, or your money back. KLIKKER is virus-free, and is not malware or spy-ware. If KLIKKER fails to install or operate on your system within four days of electronic delivery, and you request a refund, we will refund the full price you paid, and you will be required to uninstall and delete the software from your system. Bottom line is: If you're not happy, we will refund!

Request for refund must be emailed to us at:

You can buy KLIKKER NOW! Payment via PayPal or US Mail. For PayPal payment, just click the button below. For US Mail, mail check or money order (do not send cash!) for $14.00 (plus $0.88 tax for Texas residents) to:

470 Christi Lane
Princeton, TX 75407

We will need your email address! Upon receipt of your payment, we will email a serialized copy of KLIKKER to you for installation; later we can send you a link to download it yourself. Technical support is available via email to support@klikker.us; sorry, no phone calls for support can be accepted!

Here's what our customers are saying about Klikker!

People should sing your praise and tell of your brave deeds for centuries to come.
That program is absolutely amazing!
I love it!!!!
Thank you so much.
I am certain the my arthritic hands will be extremely happy from now on into the next century.
Thank you, it really is a good product.